Saaga Template Download and Instructions

After many thoughts, releasing our first template.  
Saaga Template.  
This template is dedicated to my learning process of CSS.

Adding Gadget to left side bar

Adding gadget to left side bar was a bit tough to explain in words. Hence made a video tutorial.

Post Thumbnail

Post Thumbnail is another feature of this template. When you add Image to the post, the image appears as Thumbnail, else "Thumbnail Not available" appears. Moreover, the thumbnail links to the respective post. Make sure you add Images after Jump link and thumbnail doesn't look good without Jump link.

Syntax Highlighter

This template includes a simple Syntax Highlighter. When you add a code, enclose it with <div class="syntax"> and </div>

Open Link in New tab.

Open link in new tab is one of the most used feature by all. This template makes it still more easier. This template has included a jquerry code. By default the template will open links other than the blog's URL links in new tab even though you did not select "open link in new tab"
You can choose what all URLs' to exclude. It needs template Editing:-